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Greenwashing, greenhushing, and… greenkeeping

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pexels-alena-koval-886521The terms greenwashing and greenhushing have been borne out of the sustainability step-change that we’re seeing society embrace on a global scale. But what do they mean, and is there a danger that a fixation on these buzzwords — however important — risks stalling the progress our planet so desperately needs? Gary Moore, sales director at UNTHA UK, explores…

Green marketing is a massive topic right now, with organisations large and small keen to convey what they’re doing to protect our planet. This seismic shift stems from a more widespread global commitment to sustainability and growing recognition for the fact that we are all responsible for climate change, not just policy makers at government level — and even they could do more, as I’m sure we’ll all agree.


Housebuilder unveils vision to tackle climate emergency while creating sustainable communities

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A sustainable housebuilder has set out its vision for the future – and how it will help tackle climate change and promote biodiversity in the communities it builds.

Cora, based in Northamptonshire, has released its new Sustainability Report, setting out clear targets on cutting emissions and construction waste, nature stewardship, social responsibility and reducing its carbon footprint.

Luke Simmons, Managing Director of Cora, said: “This is a very exciting time at the company.

“Last year the company underwent a complete rebrand and we developed our new Sustainable Building Framework, our new vision for the future.


Boningale Limited launches Sustainability Plan to make growing ‘greener’

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0n6806Boningale Limited has signed up to the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) ‘Sustainability Roadmap Supports pledge,’ publishing its own Sustainability Plan in response to climate and biodiversity issues.

The Shropshire-based nursery, which produces around 2.2 million shrubs, herbaceous and perennial plants per year supplying commercial landscapers, Garden Designers, Green Roofing Installers, and domestic and retail markets has been ISO14001 accredited since 2007. Recent training sessions with the HTA and PlanetMark have provided Boningale with guidance on how to put together a structured sustainability plan which will drive the changes that are necessary.


CHAS helps environmental charity grow its impact in local community

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0n6828Donations from Merton-based supply chain compliance expert, CHAS, are helping fund the essential work of local environmental charity Sustainable Merton.

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Merton is dedicated to inspiring, mobilising and enabling the Merton community to respond to the climate emergency while also improving local quality of life. With the support of its army of volunteers, it works to champion sustainability and make a difference through community-led projects that address issues around waste, air quality, energy and food.


Michelmersh to produce the world’s first 100% hydrogen fired clay bricks

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0n7023Michelmersh has announced its successful bid to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) UK Government, Industrial Fuel Switching competition to conduct a feasibility study to replace natural gas with hydrogen in the brick making process. The programme is part of the £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) which aims to provide funding for low-carbon technologies to decreasing the costs of decarbonisation.

The project represents a global flagship physical study to replace natural gas with hydrogen in brick manufacturing. Phase 1 of the project will demonstrate the viability of fuel switching and will see hydrogen used in the clay brick production process at Michelmersh’s Freshfield Lane site. The project aims to inspire radical change across the sector and present opportunities and evidence-based research to support manufacturers on their journey to heavily decarbonise the production processes.