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Discrete Analysers by Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific (Finland) has provided solutions for the water and waste water laboratories for over 20 years with the family of AquakemTM and GalleryTM analysers. These analysers utilise discrete cell technology which significantly reduces analysis time. Applications are based on photometric measurements. Easy-to-use analysers are ready for immediate analysis, start-up and shut down protocols are automated and once loaded, they automate all necessary steps, providing a walk-away time from two to four hours.

The bench top Gallery analysers also feature an optional electrochemical (ECM) unit, using ion selective electrodes for pH measurement. Additionally, the ECM unit supports conductivity determination over a broad measurement range. Two integrated analytical techniques in Gallery, photometric and ECM can be run in parallel.

Gallery and Aquakem are supported by a wide range of optimised system reagents covering a variety of applications, e.g. for nitrate, phosphate and sulphate. Sample matrix effects can be efficiently eliminated by using the instrument’s several blanking capabilities. Automatic dilution features help to manage a wide concentration range with no additional effort. A unique low-volume cuvette design enables low reagent usage and thus provides low running costs. Ready-to-use system kits eliminate time-consuming reagent preparation, allowing full automation with clear cost benefits.