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Back Environment The News Energy-from-Waste firm brings industry-leading Spanish eco boilers to UK

Energy-from-Waste firm brings industry-leading Spanish eco boilers to UK

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Macclesfield-based Tidy Planet has partnered with Spanish energy generation specialists SUGIMAT to become the UK’s exclusive distributor of their industry-leading boilers.

With 40 years’ experience, SUGIMAT is a company which is globally renowned for its commitment to innovation in the thermal and power generation arena. Their waste, biomass and cogeneration boilers create energy under environmentally compliant conditions – burning either conventional or non-conventional fuels for maximum heat and minimal ecological impact.

As well as being fully bespoke, they offer an effective disposal solution for some of the most troublesome industrial wastes – including Grade C wood waste, Category 1 International Catering Waste (CAT1 ICW), sewage screenings and poultry inedibles.

With notable success in dealing with unconventional fuel sources, this brand attracted the attention of organic recycling and EfW expert Tidy Planet. The firm’s extensive experience in the Waste-to-Energy sector has seen them work on projects with many large brands including Liz Earle Co., BP and DHL at London’s Gatwick Airport – the latter of which not only marked the two businesses’ second major project collaboration, but also cemented their future corporate relationship.

When commenting on the rationale behind the partnership, Tidy Planet’s director James Tyler said: “After launching the DHL-Gatwick project in 2016 – when the airport became the world’s first to generate energy on-site from airline and airport wastes – we witnessed how well SUGIMAT’s advanced, eco boilers aligned with our own core philosophy of utilising refuse as a valuable resource.

“We realised that through combining our organic recycling expertise with their cutting-edge energy generation technologies, we would – as the sole UK representative – be able to bring these cost-reducing, energy-conserving products to more organisations across the country.”

SUGIMAT’s business development director Alex Mas elaborated further by adding: “Both our company values and eco-technologies are greatly complemented by those of Tidy Planet.

“It’s clear that the product offerings we bring to the table share a common denominator, and that is one which identifies and optimises the energy production possibilities from organic refuse. This is something which – as evidenced by the Gatwick project – is an effective recipe for environmental preservation and waste-reducing success.”

Offering a concluding insight into the popularity of the waste-utilising technology, James explained: “We’ve seen high sectoral demand for the boilers in the UK – especially in the area of waste wood – and we anticipate this only to increase as enterprises continue to seek out sustainable solutions for their waste management needs.”