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Access contract hire specialist seizes chance for green transition

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Contract Plant Rental head of access Stuart Lambert with one of the company’s new LGMG T22JE lithium RT boom lifts

Head of access Stuart Lambert at Contract Plant Rental has added lithium electric LGMG boom lifts to the company’s fleet to help access clients transition smoothly to a carbon-neutral future.

The contract hire specialist, based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has invested in new LGMG T20JE telescopic boom lifts for rental clients to use flexibly as they pivot to zero-emissions operations.

Stuart said: “The rise of lithium is here. We want to provide practical assistance for clients to move to this new technology.

“The UK infrastructure construction and maintenance sector is going green to reduce carbon footprint at an aggressive speed. Make no mistake, lithium is no passing love affair. It’s here for the next generation. Our new lithium LGMG booms are a key part of that process.

“For many rental customers, all-electric platforms, and lithium machines in particular, are a key concern for fleet development, but many are cautious about how to implement their investment strategies.”

Contract Plant Rental wants to play its part in the transition to electric power for working at height across all environments, said Stuart.

He added: “Contract hire is the ideal way to bridge the gap between conventional technologies, like diesel, and new ones, like lithium electric.

“By offering these hugely impressive LGMG platforms we give our new fleet customers a zero-risk option to take all-terrain lithium MEWPs into their fleets so they, and their customers, can see and experience their clear advantages first hand.

“This process will help them to flexibly implement fleet development plans that are cost-effective and 100% focused on customer needs and expectations, as well as regulatory requirements.”

The LGMG T20JE is one of a range of four lithium electric stick booms launched in 2022 that deliver near zero-emissions and low-noise operation for 2-3 days on one charge, with multiple standard and fast-charging modes.

It has a larger 2.44m basket, with an unrestricted capacity of 300kg and a restricted capacity of 450kg. The LGMG T22JE has a maximum working height of 23.8m and a maximum outreach of 17m.

The lithium boom lifts were supplied to Contract Plant Rentals by Access Platform Sales (APS), the UK and Ireland distributor for all LGMG platforms.

APS major accounts director Linda Betts said: “We’re delighted Stuart and the team at Contract Plant Rental has selected APS and LGMG to support customers as they reconfigure their fleets for a carbon neutral future.

“The proven qualities of LGMG platforms – easy of use, sharing of control systems across models, quality, reliability and an industry-leading diagnostic system – make them perfect for the task ahead.”

Contract Plant Rental believes the advantages of lithium platforms over traditional diesel power are becoming clearer by the day, not least because of the growing number of low and ultra-low emissions zones being introduced in towns and cities across the UK.

Many contractors and end-use clients are also stipulating that low and zero emissions working at height options must be used on their sites and projects to help them meet their own carbon reduction targets.

The LGMG T20JE has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, with three steering modes: four-wheel steering, front-wheel steering and crab steering. It also has one-touch wheel alignment, for safer and faster platform set-up.

Oscillating, full floating axles maximise grip and traction across uneven and soft terrain, while the platform can be operated at a maximum tilt angle of five degrees and has 45% gradeability.

Sealed electric motors minimise hydraulic components, reducing the risk of faults and oil spills. Also, as an electric platform, the high cost of diesel fuel and the need to store it on worksites is eliminated.

The four lithium electric telescopic LGMG boom lifts in the range are: the LGMG T20JE, with a working height of 21.8m and an outreach of 16.6m; the LGMG T22JE with a working height of 23.8m and outreach of 17m; the LGMG T26JE with a working height of 27.9m and an outreach of 22.3m; and the LGMG T28JE with a working height of 29.8m and outreach of 22.5m.

Contract Plant Rentals offers flexible short and long-term hire packages for a wide range of construction machines, including excavators, dumpers and material handles. It is also rapidly expanding its access fleet, with a third of its MEWPs having either hybrid of electric.

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