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Simdean Envirotec Limited

Simdean Envirotec Limited

Google Map 20 Brookfield Drive
Holmes Chapel
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Nick Carter
Phone: 01477 537553
Fax: 01477 537553

Simdean Envirotec are one of the UK’s leading environmental engineering specialists. The company’s expertise covers three main areas of activity.

  • Air pollution and odour control
  • Gas and chemical waste treatment
  • Manufacture of custom-designed tanks and process vessels in a range of corrosion-resistant materials

Operating from a 10,000 sqft factory and testing area in Warwick, England, Simdean provide a complete range of services – from technical consultancy to design, prototyping, manufacture, installation, inspection and maintenance.

Air pollution and odour control

Simdean pollution control systems have been proven in hundreds of applications to make a real difference to air quality by removing harmful or unpleasant elements, odours and gases at critical production stages. Our skill at preventing dangerous or simply smelly pollutants from escaping into the atmosphere is second to none. On most assignments we operate with more than 99% efficiency.

Our teams have engineered and installed a huge range of systems for an equally diverse spread of applications – everything from composting to waste transfer, specialty chemicals to chlorine storage. Systems include annular carbon adsorbers, biotrickling filters, biofiltration and standard chemical scrubbers. All systems are designed to meet a client’s particular requirements using the latest CAD programmes.

Corrosion resistant thermoplastic and GRP-clad tanks and process vessels

We can provide virtually any cylindrical or rectangular configuration for volumes ranging from 500 to 50,000 litres. Fittings, overflow, inlet pipework, access manways and so forth are all matched to individual requirements. Bunds for chemical storage tanks can also be provided.

We manufacture our thermoplastic tanks in a variety of materials such as PVC-U, PP and PVDF. They are used for dozens of different purposes by a wide range of industries – chemical storage and water treatment, food and pharmaceutical, electronics, foundries and countless others.

With all installations comprehensive risk assessment and method statements are provided.

Gas and chemical waste treatment

We are exclusive UK agents for a pioneering new plasma-based system for treating hazardous waste. The system, which provides a safer, cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to landfill and incineration, works by utilizing high temperatures (2000°C – 4500°C) to instantaneously destroy a wide range of wastes, leaving behind only the constituent atoms. These are then transformed into non-hazardous ionized gas for emission into the atmosphere and in some cases usable by-products.

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