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tapwater-logoWith the summer weather finally here keep hydrated, save money and reduce waste with the reusable lifebottle and’s network of free refilling stations.

With 51 million plastic bottles thrown away every day in the UK alone, now is the time to ditch those bottles and get back to the tap. The scheme makes tap water more accessible on the high street.


Insect snacks to undergo EU safety tests

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Im-A-Celebrity-Get-Me-Out-007Retailers and natural history experts called on to provide information on exotic foods such as crickets and worm crisps

Britons used to sing a nursery rhyme about swallowing a fly, bushtucker trials have become an excruciating staple of TV's "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and stores and online suppliers are selling exotic snacks such as crickets and worm crisps.


Animal welfare CEO takes to the internet to give the world the facts on factory farming

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· Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming launches

· Five short films written and presented by the CEO himself

· Films highlight not only the horrors of factory farming but highlight evidence of human health threat and environmental damage

· “Average consumer is intelligent but uninformed” says CEO


Government green light for truck stops

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DSC_0121Farmers and landowners with land close to major road infrastructures could soon benefit from recently announced changes in policy for the development of truck stops.

A Government consultation identified strong support for the development of secure truck stops from a number of organizations including the Transport Police, the Highways Agency, insurers and the haulage industry as current demand for lorry parking far outstrips supply. This could provide farmers with a diversification opportunity to earn additional income.


The natural way to a healthy appetite

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farmingFive years ago Jim and Anna Harbridge switched to organic fruit and veg.

They were won over and now run a franchise delivering the natural stuff to hundreds of people’s front doors.

‘I think five years ago it was just starting to be absorbed into the mainstream,’ says Jim. ‘Now it’s no longer a fad or a buzzword. I think we’ve moved past that and people are making it an important part of their lifestyle.’