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UK leads battle to clean up whaling commission

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8-Whaling_619529aJapan accused of buying the support of members of the IWC with aid and bribery

Britain is embarking on a radical attempt to clean up the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which has been increasingly racked by allegations of corruption amongst its member countries.


Ethical consumerism can better animal welfare

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ethical_foodThe demand for cheap food has impacted on animal welfare standards on British farms, says British Veterinary Association (BVA) Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) trustee, Sean Wensely.

Speaking at the 2011 BVA AWF discussion forum, Mr Wensley said the drive for ever cheaper food has resulted in poor animal welfare conditions and many of the UK farming systems are "intrinsically incapable of achieving a good quality of life for animals".


Bangor experts save Isle of Man fishery

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Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences has helped the fishery producing Manx Queenies, the Isle of Man’s queen scallops, to be awarded a sustainability certification under the Marine Stewardship Council programme.

Once in decline, the now sustainably fished ‘queenie’ fishery is providing a high value product sought after by best restaurants around the UK.


Farming Regulation: Cut red tape but not at the expense of the environment

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leafThe Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) today warns that proposals to reform farming regulations need to be carefully considered by the Government before any changes are made to ensure they don’t end up damaging our countryside.

The Farming Regulation Task Force report launched today makes 215 recommendations for changing or abolishing regulations that affect the farming and food industries.